An Easy Interface to Manage Content

StoryCare makes use of the latest standards used in universally accepted online solutions to conform with any institution’s IT standard. Moreover, the website is designed to be responsive, meaning that users can access the site using any platform, from a computer, to a tablet, to a smart phone. All media is streamed from the web thereby not requiring any special software.

The StoryCare Library

The StoryCare Library is designed to make it easy for users to search for story solutions by department, outcome category—Patient Safety Culture, Patient Satisfactions, Hospital Acquired Conditions, Quality of Care, Staff Satisfaction and Professional Development, and Teamwork and Communication, TeamSTEPPS®, Infectious Diseases, and QSEN. The user is then provided an array of story solutions ranked to address their particular challenge, and all of the support materials to ensure their success.

The development of our library of story solutions is guided by professionals in the field to ensure that each story is both relevant and accurate to the concerns of healthcare professionals, and to optimize learning and a commitment to experimentation, innovation, and improvement. This collection of transformational narratives is informed by our team’s collection of stories from over 1,000 patients, family members, and healthcare professionals through our extensive corporate healthcare improvement experience.

All the Tools Needed to Ensure Team Success

The site also provides the user support, resources, and a number of powerful tools to achieve success, such as guidelines for observing and assessing change, a library of best practices related to the range of outcomes team leaders are seeking, a variety of communication tools to keep the team’s goals front and central, and a personal vault to store story selections for future use.