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Monday, February 21st, 2011

1st month’s Story

Program Design Old

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
Program Design

StoryCare is designed to be used in teams within the current construct of collaboration between care providers. It is a multi-week program that is easily administered by any Team Leader or manager. Here’s how it works:

Share a StoryCare Transformation Narrative that addresses a top priority for your unit or team.

After reflecting on the story, team members identify a single behavior that they will adopt that week.

The team shares their own stories about the impact they observed of their new behavior that week.

After trying other staff behaviors, the team chooses the ONE they will all adopt as a best practice.

Team reports on how new behavior is impacting others and adapts to maximize effectiveness.

With this new behavior embedded, begin addressing another topic with a new StoryCare Transformation Narrative to repeat the process.

Program Support

PRESENTATION & MOTIVATION – Team Leaders receive presentation guidelines and multiple means of delivering the StoryCare Transformation Narrative to their team as well as tools for rolling out the program to their team and sustaining their active participation.

OBSERVATION & MONITORING – Team Leaders are coached each week on how to observe how the team is experimenting with implementing new behaviors, introduce additional best practices that align with their ideas, and monitor for signs of qualitative improvements from patients, family members, and staff.

SEARCHABLE RESOURCES – Team Leaders report incremental improvements as well as new best practices developed by their teams into the program’s repository providing a cross-indexed resource for other Team Leaders to search, find, and identify additional best practices to introduce to the team during this 4-week concentration.


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
A Bottom Up Approach to Transformation and Innovation and Implementing TeamSTEPPS®Improving “soft skills” such as delivering meaningful communication, establishing personal connections, developing new behaviors, and fostering team engagement requires a “soft skill” toolkit that ignites individual awareness, motivates team performance, and generates new ideas and best practices that are pertinent to and embraced by your team.
_ StoryCare™ places the patient’s experience and welfare at the center of the caregiver’s attention. Designed to integrate with TeamSTEPPS®— Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety—StoryCare provides a protocol for change that is designed and determined by staff at the team level, thereby maximizing ownership—a key with any effort to drive enterprise-wide transformation. Team members decide what behavioral changes they want to undertake, and collectively choose which behaviors they’d like to adopt.StoryCare makes use of the natural social reinforcement that occurs when groups come together to reflect on their behavior and performance, and collectively set their sights on accomplishing a new objective. Because StoryCare is integrally linked to an assessment process driven by patient safety culture and patient satisfaction survey tools, the StoryCare solution demonstrates clear, definable results by giving the healthcare provider a scorecard and a roadmap for future improvement actions.As a process designed to drive organizational improvement, StoryCare is both easy to understand for managers who are responsible for its success, as well as disarmingly simple and rewarding from the staff perspective—it not only improves safety behaviors and the patient experience, it tacitly enhances the staff’s daily experience of care giving, thereby improving their sense of fulfillment.

StoryCare gives management a cost-effective and pre-emptive solution to an accelerating business issue … instituting sustainable change that aligns team performance with escalating satisfaction requirements and safety protocols that are tied to fiscal penalties.